Data Science

Data Science is growing in popularity and relevant to all businesses - it's business intelligence with attitude. Where did it come from in its electronic form and how can we access and use it? How can you identify who might help you effectively? (Unravelling name tags: technical communicator, business analyst, product manager).There are three helpful [...]

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Print and Cut using Cricut Explore Air 2

Last steps: Taking a product to market. Prototyping creative products and packaging with the Cricut Explore Air 2 Quick links: is a video of Auntie Tay giving 35 Print and Cut ideas for Cricut Explore Air 2cricut ideas – print and cut A4  A text list of print and cut ideas from the video which, as pdf text, can be searched, sorted and translated – much easier longterm accesscricut ideas – print and cut – letter As above but letter format. Both downloads have lots of screenshot image examples but see the whole video for more detail.When you want to launch a creative product you might need to:be inspired by creative people, websites, videos take your time to evaluate ideas rather than try everything from day one (and especially not the hardest thing first!)think about each step from design to packaging and delivery (and although we hope not, even returns!)get feedback on every stepconsider what equipment and resources will allow you to do each step in the fastest, most economical but also most impressive-to-customers way that adds value […]
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Endangered Species Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

We develop operating and maintenance instructions and process diagrams, confidential to companies. So we decided to create some instructions we can (and should) share to support endangered species. We have some double knitting patterns to help knitters create colourful egg cosies each featuring an endangered animal. If you would like a copy, please email us and [...]

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