Eagle Eye Read, Write, Correct

eagleProfessional communicators at your fingertips. We proofread, simplify language and make instructions clearly understood for repeatable user actions.
We correct :
PowerPoint presentations to give last minute confidence that your audience focuses on your message, not any typos. A person (not a customer) explained how she had taken hours to hand ‘copy-and-pasted’ sections from a long document into a presentation. What a waste! Setting styles correctly will allow just a single copy-and-paste. Fast, simple and less likely to have errors.
Tidy documents using consistent styles. Anyone can click the ‘show-and-hide’ button in MS Word to see the hidden document structure and laziness of document creators clicking B bold, I italic or other quick style buttons. For IT Project Managers … that says a lot about you that you would not like to be shared with HR or Directors! Correctly structured documents allow much more automation, saving time, money and reputations.
Database and Excel data can be thoroughly checked. They can be set up to show errors that might cause mistakes later on.

Horror stories the original writer missed:
A Charity Manager ‘lost’ pounds in accounts – because the finance spreadsheet formulae were not accurate. Discovered and rectified just before submitting an annual return.
At a major telecoms company HQ, BACs payments were not calculated correctly in a 
24 hour cycle and compound interest on each discrepancy was also incorrectly calculated. Fortunately, the problem was thoroughly investigated and checked on sample data before system roll-out.
In the nuclear industry, an urgent late extra IT field needed to be added just before final testing but an operationally controlled workaround was created so the spec did not need to change and threatened £1m extra spend to impact retest everything was avoided, with no further roll out delays. … and the contractor just received a daily rate, no savings commission that time.

Read, Write, Correct service is offered as a project service or with a Service Level Agreement, by a monthly account with a fast email response.