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The Business Pitch template

At the Judge Institute, Social Entrepreneurs learnt about the need to pitch an idea in different ways for different audiences.
(…Associates/co-Directors/Suppliers …Journalists and …Investors   for example)
We helped out by putting the planning tool on a single sheet of A4 paper tri-folded so you can fold to see your notes relevant to the pitch you are about to make. Simple! 

The Handshake

The Handshake reminds us to use 6 question prompts (5 digits plus the hand). There are do’s and do not’s, so you can double this and think about both hands. A logical organisation so you don’t forget to ask key questions. WARNING: The answers could make a difference to your business in 2017 !
Who will benefit? Business Owners, Coaches and Mentors, Communicators.
  0002-bp-handshake (download this 2 page discussion paper pdf )
 ‘What’s happening at Clever Resourcing’ Understanding Knowledge Asset Reviews
 ‘the Handshake’ uses the hand as a reminder of questions to ask to review your own company’s knowledge assets

Bonus Link – ISTC slides

The questions and how to remember them
Choose a route by practice and experience. What rocks their boat?
Marketing template
Business model canvas
Its about psychology

Pragmatic Marketing    (PM) Link to this American company’s website. Look at their framework in detail from Strategy to Execution as you plan the launch of a new product. Ask for a word document template listing each strategy heading. Add your own details under each heading. Keep up to date with Pragmatic Marketing magazine or through product managers networks. 
Why use a framework and talk to Product Managers?
 The PM framework “… provides a standard language for your entire product team and a blueprint of the key activities needed to bring profitable, problem-oriented products to market”. Standard language? Structured information?  This is Tech Comms or Business Comms! Product Managers talk about benefits (reasons to listen and buy) and evidence to rely on when making business decisions and solving technical problems. 
Osterwalder Business Model Canvas  Technical and business communicators look for different ways to summarise information concisely.  The Business Model Canvas is a framework for organising everything related to a business on a single page. Recognisable symbols and graphics, as well as words help memorise sections. The right sections are more related to customer focus, the left to operations. RISK is not separately defined and poses some issues.
Psychology: De Bono’s Thinking hats and Action shoes put us in roles to perform better using psychological methods.
Clever Resourcing’s own ‘Buyer and Seller Barcodes‘ provides a visual tool to take in more information quickly and include cultural psychological sensitivities in communication. A picture says a 1000 words, so a simple coloured bar code gives an indication of what to say or ask next. It is therefore a framework for organising communication and a different way to look at emotional drivers for change. Emotional commitment, shared values, consistent behaviour … buzz words for communicators today is closer to being achieved. 

Presentation Summary

  1. The 4 types of questions you can ask
  2. The Handshake reminder of question types * developed by us for the conference presentation. More via LinkedIn soon.
      Designing a route through your questions or information benefits (Judge Institute Social Enterprise course
      An introduction to different frameworks – make your Product Manager your new best friend
  3.  Pragmatic Marketing Model
  4.  The Osterwalder Business Model framework
  5.  Risk – missing from Osterwalder – how to capture info and view problems as opportunities
  6.  The danger of knowledge and working pattern silos and how to avoid them: different watercoolers, even different buildings
  7.  Changing perceptions of technical communicators – wearing a marketing hat more often 
  8.  Psychology (De Bono) wearing different hats to ask questions, wearing different shoes to action tone.
  9.  Psychology and cultural sensitivity – using buyer and seller bar codes ** to visualise your question approach.
     ** Developed by us. Thank you for inspiring us with your views on where this thinking model might be used.

Collecting my old Pragmatic Marketing magazines: You loved the UX and Metrics editions. Are you within travelling distance of Cambridge UK? We are looking forward to seeing you at Cambridge Product Management Network.