Mars landing and SETI

East Anglian Astrophysical Research Organisation ... is not the only organisation investigating the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Tonight at around 20:55 UTC (London time) or 15:55 EST, the NASA Mars rover is due to land on the red planet in an area where underground water may or may have existed in the [...]

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IKIGAI What is IKIGAI?It is a Japanese expression of balance and harmony in life. If our life traits, perspectives, needs, and love are not balanced we will be less happy. Equally, if we force ourselves to 'live' too far in the wrong domain areas, we won't be content. Those not trying to redress the balance [...]

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Full List of Winsor & Newton Artist Watercolours

Errors in art shop watercolour lists - a rollout nightmare? Copyright D Stevens 2017Montaz Restaurant, St Ives, Cambs  I love watercolours, but can't buy Winsor & Newton colours I need because my local stockist has not had the correct updated display for a year. The stockist said that they have had to really push to [...]

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WN Cotman 45 pan editable palette

Winsor and Newton 45 pan paletteThe 45 pan student grade palette contains all 40 Cotman series of paints in pans that are too loose in the box. It also has 5 duplicate pans of some popular colours. If you have a palette like this, what did you change? How did you solve your problems and [...]

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Copywriters can help you avoid embarrassment

    Reading and spelling - red flags of communication issues Your communications will look so much better and avoid embarrassment when you use a copywriter.I was delighted to discover that a local cafe have changed the huge sign over their shop from 'Breakfast-Lunch-Diner' to 'Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner'. Prominently displayed for a year, I wondered what message it [...]

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Technical Communicator to Product Manager

Product Manager Career Progression30th Sept 2019 Arthur and Celine gave excellent presentations of their career progressions into Product Manager and Product Marketing roles. Celine Sharpe of FIS was a Technical Writer, one of the roles covered by the ISTC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators). Cambridge Network were asked for events and courses on Technical [...]

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Planning ahead – monitoring progress

Half way through advent is a time to pause, reflect, measure success on a personal level of planning. It doesn't matter what the project might be, or how complicated,rolling out   (aim and start time)requires       (resources)realistically responsible (targetted)activity and (work)reported       (communication throughout the lifecycle)reflection     (measurement)All too often, communication is too brief [...]

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Him and Her Quilt Spools – Woodturning with Clever Resourcing

Quilt binding spools - finished Spool profiles and slots Three basic shapes, A, B and 2 Cs Half profiles for Her and for Him Quilt Binding Spools HOW TO… Woodwork and Woodturning project for beginners Hold binding in a decorative and easy to dispense way.Download instructions as a Quilt binding him and [...]

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Blockchain technology – the next great quick fix or a long term solution?

Cows look left, right and left again... Blockchain technology – the next great quick fix or a long term solution?A small selection of food history anecdotesAuthenticate IS published an interesting whitepaper on LinkedIn exploring databases, supply chain mapping and problems in rolling out blockchain technology in the food industry.'m surprised there was no [...]

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What is the UN Global Compact?How do you measure how caring you and your company are now?How do you plan to action your caring values?How will you plan to continue to improve for the benefit of your company and the planet?The UN Global Compact is a way to share these concepts in a public statement that is annually reviewed in a Communication On Progress (COP); a report for the world to see. It is not meant as a method of collecting brownie points, but a way to make a difference and keep up the change momentum. It is a well-structured framework but it needs a simple starting entry point for each company. Everything we do has an impact and potentially casts a shadow – but does it give depth and sustenance to our world? […]
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