Inventor Support

Inventor support Image of sparkler held in front of a girlOptimally design your product for maximum profit and customer satisfaction.

If you have a clever idea, you need CLEVER Resourcing to help bring your product to market. Our support is not just marketing, we also offer introductions to key people who may be able to help you in your area.

If you are an inventor with a Hare Brained Idea, like many creators, you can be forgiven for at times feeling as though you are in the midst of a roller-coaster Mad Hatters tea party. You need someone to talk to confidentially to stop you tearing out your hair. Maybe you have a Hair Brained Idea. You may need technical support to solve challenges. You might want to challenge a Patent Agent to broaden the scope of your invention to appeal to different markets with larger differentiated fee paying customers. You might instead want to focus on a few distributor customers rather than Joe (Jo) Public. Selling to a few customers might be simpler, faster and more productive. You will also be dealing with potential business customers – trade sales to a large customer is one potential exit strategy. Even at the beginning of a business it is well worth investigating how easy it will be to accomplish your real end goal. It should be about bringing a product to market … successfully … and enjoying your journey! You don’t have to be a one-man-band and it is probably better if you are not because good professional support is very worthwhile. They know how to avoid the mistakes you may miss. A patent in a very narrow area supported by an established tax paying company might give more opportunity to qualify for R&D tax credits. There could be other grants and funding options available for you.

Financial help and Practical Support: Did you know that a certain electronics company wants to build prototypes for free with an option to be your product manufacturer? That is just one sector and it is certainly not the only company offering this support. 

A product management report will give you options and suggestions of companies who might help and implications or considerations to bear in mind if you choose that route. Are there academic organisations who can help? You don’t need to be a student. Whichever option you choose you will need some core documents. An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is just the start of the support chain. If you have to resort to legal action, it is frankly too late. A good, trusted and practical support network will help you from day one – and

CLEVER resourcing is privileged to be considered part of your team.