Write courses


CLEVER resourcing helps people create and write bespoke courses and if required deliver them using our own professionally qualified communicators.
We have also created our own workshops and materials to help you look at your business, innovation, processes, internal and customer focused external communication. Each has a Toolkit card describing benefits and describing the method. This makes it easy for HR managers to choose courses to meet priorities.
Link to download page … and contact CLEVER resourcing to discuss possibilities.
Examples: Our staff and associates have created courses for national public sector initiatives for NHS Trusts to implement electronic data storage, the National Curriculum rollout (when it worked), BT purchasing system rollout, defence equipment use prior to deployment (a really tight timescale under pressure because they bury mistakes so it must be right first time), workshops for small companies and one-to-one inventor mentoring. 

Whether you are rolling something out to thousands, just a few need to benefit or a single person, the same quality standards are applied … and you can be assured of excellent PowerPoint slide sets (Microsoft published our hints and tips), tutor resources and framework mindmap  diagrams.