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BS10008 : Rolling out a new standard for public sector organisations and small companies

BS10008  is a British Standard called “Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information”  

The British Standards website states (July 2016)
“BS 10008 is the British Standard that outlines best practice for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems, including the storage and transfer of information. It is designed to help you verify and authenticate all your information to avoid the legal pitfalls of information storage. BS 10008 outlines best practice for transferring electronic information between systems and migrating paper records to digital files. It also gives guidelines for managing the availability and accessibility of any records that could be required as legal evidence. “

The PAIN for many large organisations include:
“Can I reduce my storage and document maintenance costs?”
“Can I have better access to data in an online system?”
“Can I be confident I won’t be sued for not having available electronic evidence or having destroyed original paper records (and is the system robust enough to recover data)” We heard of a company that needed to recover emails – it cost them £3m.  Great if you can afford it!

We understand system knowledge capture/recovery and have been involved in writing and delivering BS20008 course material and following through identifying the rollout implications for some major organisations and small businesses. Most organisations store electronic records or have important paper records taking up space. Could the risks involved cost you? Do your terms of business require your client to pay data recovery costs if they are challenged about your work? 

Were you happy with BS20008 2008 but are concerned about the update BS20008 2014? 

If you are a Technical Communicator or IT Project Manager or Business Owner or Records Manager – this affects YOU!

If you want to look at ISO standards, this can still affect YOU! (It may be rolled up in other standards – but the detail and rollout is still relevant.) 
There will be an ANALYSIS PHASE: 

  • What does the standard say you MUST do, SHOULD do, SHOULD consider, MUST NOT do …
  • What do you ALREADY do, SAY you already do,
    Who is responsible for ROLLOUT? Ongoing MANAGEMENT? Where is the command and communication structure?
  • How are the results of the ANALYSIS phase communicated in summary and detail?
    What risks are exposed? benefits? What is the Business Case for implementation?
    What decisions must be made? By when? By whom?
    What is the timescale for implementation and roll out? Who owns the ROADMAP? MILESTONES?
    How will you measure SUCCESS? CRITICAL ISSUES emerging?


  • Confirm ALL the PLANNING is understood.
  • Confirm RESOURCES are in place
  • Communicate the VISION and WHY the change is happening
  • Obtain BUY-IN from the changing team continuously, share VULNERABILITIES and ACTION will be taken to avoid them.
  • Begin your ACTION sequences
    Check MILESTONES, Complete and react to issues logs
    Check TIMESCALES, ROADMAP, SUCCESSES and RESOURCES as you near completion
    Confirm COMPLETION DATE and method of USER COMMUNICATION post HANDOVER to ongoing MANAGER.

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