Cibus Biscuits : a New product in a New market

We are currently helping Cibus Biscuits Limited to launch a new product. Watch this space for details.

Cibus Biscuits makes high-tech nutrient biscuits aimed at helping patients gain or stabilise weight. CLEVER resourcing is proud to help create a very cleverly designed product from a talented inventor with an innovative business model. Square biscuits are made with care using organic, fair trade ingredients. Taste the difference in every bite. They are so packed full with energy! If you have been unwell and lost weight you may benefit from trying this natural product sitting down with a cuppa – what could be more natural than that? Visit for more information. Perhaps you know someone who may benefit? Were they struggling to eat enough over Christmas and the New Year holiday? Have you been concerned leaving them? Please share this link or begin a conversation on their behalf. Perhaps Cibus could help?

Deb Stevens is pictured with Chris Hingston exploring potential organic ingredients for Cibus savoury biscuits. Paul Haynes, Marketing Consultant, also photographed ingredients in Cibus sweet biscuits. 

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