Investor Due Diligence


Careful questioning offers you considered options with supporting evidence. Analyses can be presented clearly for sharper insight. Financial Due Diligence is common across the world. The numbers for a business have to stack up. In the USA, Non-financial Due Diligence is common, less so in the UK.

If you need a single person task, fine. We also work closely with very carefully selected associates who can look at the innate knowledge in your opportunity, what is missing and not forgetting important maintenance issues and related cost analysis.

It can be lonely and hard to truly appraise the potential of a given technology. It needs to make sense for today’s market and tomorrow’s if the product is not to be a one-day phenomena. Cutting edge technology will leave you lagging behind the inventor. Perhaps the inventor can make a product that works, but can he or she explain the concept simply and clearly to you? Do they have the right team? Where is the unused potential and how might it be used plus where are the weaknesses? 

Analogy: We can provide Investor Due Diligence like a marriage guidance counsellor working to quickly identify/end the impossible or slowly build more bridges to a longer-lasting, profitable relationship for both sides. Independent, realistic, honest and understanding.  

If there is a company considering going into administration or in administration and looking for a way out, if you guarantee our minimal costs, we will review the IP to give leverage options. Administrators help the business, we can help administrators understand a wider range of technical areas. You don’t just want a specialist in one discipline – the company are failing at that – you want to explore a much greater or differently focused technology to recover costs or see potential ongoing new revenue.