CLEVER Resourcing supports companies and organisations with clever new systems to roll out and individuals with a clever invention to bring to market.  It’s a big cross platform area to cover so you might like to see some examples of support roles that might be familiar to you in your situation. We have listed a few below.

If you have a problem, you want someone who understands your business to help your own staff  solve it more efficiently, with less risk …
Or you want an outsider to … ‘just do it’ … work objectively, confidentially without disruption. Someone who can identify things you might have missed because you are too close to the situation … and you need to understand your problem more clearly, to know what you don’t know NOW.
Or you don’t have specialist in-house skills to make something work and you need to get it done to tight timescales.

An analogy: Parcels can’t be delivered unless they are checked complete, wrapped, labelled, with a return address in case difficulty and you have contracted the courier. Think of us in terms of making sure your roll out system or clever idea gets delivered and leaves a good impression with your customers and workforce from arrival to being opened and used. Simple.

CLEVER Resourcing creates innovative ways of looking at situations. 
Check out Our latest ideas of ‘The Handshake‘ questioning reminder and the popular ‘Buyer and Seller Bar Code‘ inspiring cultural awareness and videographers.
Details are on our about us page, demonstrating our collaborative work with Pitch & Mix fellow members.

Just contact us to explore YOUR CLEVER IDEA and DIFFICULT SITUATION.

Here are some of our products and services.

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Product Manager /Business Analyst

product-manager-2Analysis tools and templates. By changing the viewing tool, you will see your situation more clearly. Using innovation tools you will see future visions, see opportunities & determine risks.

Test and Make It Fly

Technical communicators are often the first people to see your whole system/product. Does is work for the customer’s application – or will they be the first to find problems? Be aware, be smart, be protected.

Investor Due Diligence

test-and-make-it-flyinvestor-due-diligenceCareful questioning offers you considered options with supporting evidence. Analyses can be presented clearly for sharper insight. Financial Due Diligence is common across the world. The numbers for a business have to stack up. In the USA, Non-financial Due Diligence is common, less so in the UK.

If you need a single person task, fine. We also work closely with very carefully selected associates who can look at the innate knowledge in your opportunity, what is missing and not forgetting important maintenance issues and related cost analysis.

It can be lonely and hard to truly appraise the potential of a given technology. It needs to make sense for today’s market and tomorrow’s if the product is not to be a one-day phenomena. Cutting edge technology will leave you lagging behind the inventor. Perhaps the inventor can make a product that works, but can he or she explain the concept simply and clearly to you? Do they have the right team? Where is the unused potential and how might it be used plus where are the weaknesses? 

Analogy: We can provide Investor Due Diligence like a marriage guidance counsellor working to quickly identify/end the impossible or slowly build more bridges to a longer-lasting, profitable relationship for both sides. Independent, realistic, honest and understanding.  

If there is a company considering going into administration or in administration and looking for a way out, if you guarantee our minimal costs, we will review the IP to give leverage options. Administrators help the business, we can help administrators understand a wider range of technical areas. You don’t just want a specialist in one discipline – the company are failing at that – you want to explore a much greater or differently focused technology to recover costs or see potential ongoing new revenue.

Inventor Support

Inventor support Image of sparkler held in front of a girlInventor support Image of sparkler held in front of a girlOptimally design your product for maximum profit and customer satisfaction.

If you have a clever idea, you need CLEVER Resourcing to help bring your product to market. Our support is not just marketing, we also offer introductions to key people who may be able to help you in your area.

If you are an inventor with a Hare Brained Idea, like many creators, you can be forgiven for at times feeling as though you are in the midst of a roller-coaster Mad Hatters tea party. You need someone to talk to confidentially to stop you tearing out your hair. Maybe you have a Hair Brained Idea. You may need technical support to solve challenges. You might want to challenge a Patent Agent to broaden the scope of your invention to appeal to different markets with larger differentiated fee paying customers. You might instead want to focus on a few distributor customers rather than Joe (Jo) Public. Selling to a few customers might be simpler, faster and more productive. You will also be dealing with potential business customers – trade sales to a large customer is one potential exit strategy. Even at the beginning of a business it is well worth investigating how easy it will be to accomplish your real end goal. It should be about bringing a product to market … successfully … and enjoying your journey! You don’t have to be a one-man-band and it is probably better if you are not because good professional support is very worthwhile. They know how to avoid the mistakes you may miss. A patent in a very narrow area supported by an established tax paying company might give more opportunity to qualify for R&D tax credits. There could be other grants and funding options available for you.

Financial help and Practical Support: Did you know that a certain electronics company wants to build prototypes for free with an option to be your product manufacturer? That is just one sector and it is certainly not the only company offering this support. 

A product management report will give you options and suggestions of companies who might help and implications or considerations to bear in mind if you choose that route. Are there academic organisations who can help? You don’t need to be a student. Whichever option you choose you will need some core documents. An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is just the start of the support chain. If you have to resort to legal action, it is frankly too late. A good, trusted and practical support network will help you from day one – and

CLEVER resourcing is privileged to be considered part of your team.

Analysis Competition Research

analysis-competition-researchCarefully selected specialist tools used by big corporates gives small companies the edge over competitors. Think of CLEVER resourcing as GOFORs. CLEVER resourcing collects information when you are busy; when you can’t see the wood for the trees; when you want to be the one to stand out; when you want to be in the light to outgrow the competition.

Our GOFOR research can be used to dig deeper and sample appropriately (focused or more widely) to deliver succinct reports and white papers covering a wide range of  areas. Our CEO has a broad technology and business understanding, so one person can understand more stakeholder impact. She will undertake this sensitive work with her personal attention and management. It’s about depth, breadth, accuracy and understanding with the ability to communicate clearly. If you want a white paper with targetted impact, contact CLEVER resourcing.

Process Improvement Strategy

Process Improvement StrategyPlan your system rollout to communicate effectively within your company (prepare thoroughly) and with clients (improve feedback and reduce issues).

Going on holiday? Give your processes and procedures a health check before you go and be confident your organisation can continue without you. Have you heard the expression ‘Train someone to do your job’? Creating rehearsed smooth procedures and constantly taking small step Process Improvement Strategy changes will help. You can measure staff awareness and performance – actually you are also measuring the effectiveness of your strategy and your procedures. 


report-communication1st Listen is our motto. Gathering data can be time-consuming and if you complete this in-house, the fact that YOU are seen asking the questions might cause a biased answer!
Analogy: Like mystery shoppers, we can objectively gather data for you, analyse it and present findings in a clear strategy report for your board, marketing department or project leader.
CLEVER resourcing call these reports STRATEGY + PLUS because it will have a succinct board summary but the analysis gives so much more information, backed up by hard evidence and examined current trends. We help you to future proof the findings within your practical boundaries.
A report will always be confidential to you and the person nominated by you to receive it. We have been asked by others in departments to look at a director’s copy and turned them down. Confidential means just that.

Write courses


CLEVER resourcing helps people create and write bespoke courses and if required deliver them using our own professionally qualified communicators.
We have also created our own workshops and materials to help you look at your business, innovation, processes, internal and customer focused external communication. Each has a Toolkit card describing benefits and describing the method. This makes it easy for HR managers to choose courses to meet priorities.
Link to download page … and contact CLEVER resourcing to discuss possibilities.
Examples: Our staff and associates have created courses for national public sector initiatives for NHS Trusts to implement electronic data storage, the National Curriculum rollout (when it worked), BT purchasing system rollout, defence equipment use prior to deployment (a really tight timescale under pressure because they bury mistakes so it must be right first time), workshops for small companies and one-to-one inventor mentoring. 

Whether you are rolling something out to thousands, just a few need to benefit or a single person, the same quality standards are applied … and you can be assured of excellent PowerPoint slide sets (Microsoft published our hints and tips), tutor resources and framework mindmap  diagrams. 

Eagle Eye Read, Write, Correct

eagleProfessional communicators at your fingertips. We proofread, simplify language and make instructions clearly understood for repeatable user actions.
We correct :
PowerPoint presentations to give last minute confidence that your audience focuses on your message, not any typos. A person (not a customer) explained how she had taken hours to hand ‘copy-and-pasted’ sections from a long document into a presentation. What a waste! Setting styles correctly will allow just a single copy-and-paste. Fast, simple and less likely to have errors.
Tidy documents using consistent styles. Anyone can click the ‘show-and-hide’ button in MS Word to see the hidden document structure and laziness of document creators clicking B bold, I italic or other quick style buttons. For IT Project Managers … that says a lot about you that you would not like to be shared with HR or Directors! Correctly structured documents allow much more automation, saving time, money and reputations.
Database and Excel data can be thoroughly checked. They can be set up to show errors that might cause mistakes later on.

Horror stories the original writer missed:
A Charity Manager ‘lost’ pounds in accounts – because the finance spreadsheet formulae were not accurate. Discovered and rectified just before submitting an annual return.
At a major telecoms company HQ, BACs payments were not calculated correctly in a 
24 hour cycle and compound interest on each discrepancy was also incorrectly calculated. Fortunately, the problem was thoroughly investigated and checked on sample data before system roll-out.
In the nuclear industry, an urgent late extra IT field needed to be added just before final testing but an operationally controlled workaround was created so the spec did not need to change and threatened £1m extra spend to impact retest everything was avoided, with no further roll out delays. … and the contractor just received a daily rate, no savings commission that time.

Read, Write, Correct service is offered as a project service or with a Service Level Agreement, by a monthly account with a fast email response.

Products and services offered by CLEVER resourcing.