Graphics, Tech Drawing

An image says 1000 words. The best image as an illustration also creates an atmosphere matched to your brand. Flowcharts, cartoons and organisational diagrams and rich pictures for analysis are important in certain situations to be accurate and succinctly convey complex information quickly without the need to scroll onto another page risking loss of focus.

Technical drawings need to be accurate, obey industry standards and be properly version controlled. The referencing system needs to access only the latest approved technical drawing. Scale is probably important. Approximate sizes and tolerances must be included where necessary. Simplified diagrams for marketing need to be related to but not replace detailed technical drawings. They may need to be viewed in low light intensities as part of a presentation and be viewed from a distance. Selected information may need to be highlighted and extracted whilst still referring to the original accurate information.

We provide the optimum graphics and technical drawings for each purpose.