Copywriters create simple and effective text to meet a purpose for a chosen audience.

Bids need to convince people to buy.

Articles, website and social media content needs to be an interesting read and help people to think differently about problems. With your guidance and help suggesting how readers may gain insight to help solve their problems.

Instructions ideally start with a verb. They are numbered or referenced and create a unique step. They explain who completes the step and which resources they need. They may have sub-processes, dependencies and references. If the status of a step is changed or a quantitative value is important, that information should be included at the end of the step or the left side of a table.

Terminology must be consistent and abbreviations correctly explained on the first occurrence.

Meeting these industry standards and others can be time consuming. A style template needs to be created and correctly applied to match your branding. We can help by appointing us as your copywriter and proofreader.