Half way through advent is a time to pause, reflect, measure success on a personal level of planning. It doesn’t matter what the project might be, or how complicated,

  • rolling out   (aim and start time)
  • requires       (resources)
  • realistically responsible (targetted)
  • activity and (work)
  • reported       (communication throughout the lifecycle)
  • reflection     (measurement)

All too often, communication is too brief and not effective, so at this half way measuring point use advent colouring cards to share thanks and invite constructive team effort. The easy and cheapest secret Santa is to colour, write and thank someone in your team on behalf of everyone. Quite a responsibility for every person to find out and report how valued their colleagues feel you have been. You need to be in Santa’s good/nice book and not the naughty book. You are half way through advent, so pull out the stops and make sure YOUR contribution is really working. Embrace holiday traditions without detracting from work.

Here is the first half of advent cards and a bonus colouring picture of St Ives, Cambridgeshire where we go A14 networking. Take any outline picture with lots of divisions. When you go to the watercooler or coffee machine, take a coloured pencil and colour in ONE outlined piece. Fast, fun team work!. If you have remote teamworkers or work on your own, colour in electronically through friends. Email me to request the second half cards in advance. https://www.cleverresourcing.co.uk/contactus

pdf Advent cards1

Deb Stevens