What is IKIGAI?

It is a Japanese expression of balance and harmony in life. If our life traits, perspectives, needs, and love are not balanced we will be less happy. Equally, if we force ourselves to ‘live’ too far in the wrong domain areas, we won’t be content. Those not trying to redress the balance in their life are heading for stagnation or worse,  an ‘R’ value that might escalate our unhelpful condition – like an overweight person craving and giving in to a jam-doughnut addiction! Someone with a chronic obsessive anorexic problem might need help to gain weight before their weight dips below sustainable levels for them, and organ failure may follow. Our friends can intervene to help us physically to eat and to give us the support, love, and mental reset we need. The same is true of business life. Ikigai 4 areas of strength, have 4 areas of weakness we need to help study to return a healthier life balance. 
SOLUTION: Take action by suggesting appropriate courses or better, ask questions that suggest the activity in the mind of the out of balance purpose.
Ikigai domain areas
Generally, we Love, Need, Get Paid for, and are good at… a mix of activities that give our life harmony and balance.

Who will you help next week?

Where is your customer-focused ‘story of this weekend’ ?
What helps you relax / be comfortable / reward you? What will you do to learn something new?

At Clever Resourcing, we build on clever ideas to analyse and view the information in a different way. 
In this case, the 4 domain areas 
… are reviewed as positive advantages and what may become challenges if there is insufficient balance in that person or company’s life and culture. Collectively they all form team contributors. 
A SOLUTION: is suggested to counter challenges.

NLP practitioners will recognise the importance of initially starting a conversation acknowledging the recipient’s HOME / COMFORT ZONE viewpoint.
They will recognise :
– parts of communication that will be difficult or challenging for the other person.
– which needs and solutions will most appeal to the recipient to help them clarify their self-understanding and strategies to bring about change.

Credits: Reddit and others suggested an enhancement to the classic, basic Ikigai overlapping circles diagram suggesting challenges.
Steve Judge – athlete and public speaker, Facebook live 07:00 quote and discussion, 26th June 2020.

We took these ideas further to identify both positive and negative effects, and solutions to change.
This work forms part of our study about ‘SOFT CONVERSATIONS’ needed as employers and employees return to work post CovID-19 and team-building begins again. It suggests ways employees might be more likely to internalise and ‘buy into’ new company mission statements, new products and critically safety processes and procedures. It will be vital that employees WANT to help formulate and repeatedly, consistently act on new processes and procedures to keep everyone safe. These must form a unified, balanced COMPANY MISSION for customers to need and want post CovID-19 products and services. In re-establishing good management control of the work ethics, there will be positive congratulations for effort made but alas, difficult conversations if standards from home-working or furloughed staff unused to a faster pace on-site working. A gradual ramp-up to full speed with full employee support will be safer than stepping straight into new processes at pre-CovID-19 speeds. 

Accessing Ikigai as text
1 Driven by: 
NEG: but not wealth seeking.
Not understanding how to make cash.

POS: Know what you love, to keep yourself happy and content.

 Green and red (yellow)   No pink

 SOLUTION: Business courses help you achieve money for a cause.

 2 Driven by: MISSION & VOCATION
NEG: but fear uncertainty
(not being good at something).

POS: Knows what the world / companies / people need.

Orange and red   No blue

SOLUTION: Confidence course you CAN succeed / Learn to fail well

NEG: but feel you are missing out.
Don’t know how to love/be happy

POS: Understanding what earns (more) money.

Pink or Magenta   No yellow warmth

SOLUTION: Learn to express comedy, and monitor feelings.

NEG: but feel useless, no understanding of what the world needs

POS: Knowing what you are good at. (Benefits you bring).

Purple/green (blue)   No bright red

SOLUTION: Needs analysis course. Make a difference!